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AgendaCloud for School Boards

AgendaCloud is the Ideal Solution for School Boards

Some of the main responsibilities school boards include issuing policy direction, establishing efficient structures, ensuring accountability, and providing schools districts with the necessary support among others. To do this, the school boards meet regularly to deliberate on the various issues of concern to school districts, the community, and the students. Thus, school boards are quite busy, and managing their meeting agendas can be a daunting task. It is, therefore, important for school boards to use modern technology to effectively and efficiently manage their agenda, meetings, and other activities.

When it comes to the provision of school board meeting and agenda management solutions, AgendaCloud is your best bet. We help school boards manage every aspect of their meetings including preparation, approval, and distribution of relevant documents. We also provide them with board management software to help them to run their activities with greater efficiency. In a nutshell, we have provided cloudbased board management solutions to school boards across the United States, and our track record speaks for itself. Although we operate in a highly competitive environment, we have risen to the pinnacle of the industry by providing better products and services. For the following reasons, we are surely the best in what we do.

AgendaCloud for School Boards


We offer solutions that are simple but highly effective. With our software and services, school boards can do away with the stacks of papers that pile up with every meeting. Besides, they can save the amount of time spent on bookmarking, copying, amending, and distributing meeting agendas. We also provide our clients with efficient solutions for managing meeting minutes. Thus, school boards can count on AgendaCloud for products and services that will help them to intuitively automate meeting minutes' management, agenda management, and meeting content sharing with staff and citizens.


At AgendaCloud, we understand that the needs of our clients can vary significantly. Thus, we customize our products depending on the needs of our clients to ensure maximum flexibility and complete control of the agenda development process. In other words, our solutions are developed purposely to serve the needs of your school board. We have a team of highly talented professionals that will take their time to understand exactly what you need and come up with a custom solution for your school board. With our services, board members can access information about the current and previous meeting. Depending on what you need, our software comes with interesting features such as role-based access, system notification, electronic voting and much more.

High Quality and Low Cost

When shopping for a school board management system, quality is the most important factor to consider. However, since we are interested in helping school boards to lower the cost of managing their meeting agendas and minutes, we try our best to offer our solutions at the lowest price possible. Thus, our board meeting solutions are not only the most comprehensive but also the most affordable. Thus, school boards can trust us to deliver high-quality yet affordable agenda and board meeting solutions.