AgendaCloud’s Features

Information is the key to making informed decisions. Decision makers must be able to quickly locate and access information as they need it. AgendaCloud provides all the features needed for decision makers to always have the information they need to make thoughtful, informed decisions. AgendaCloud provides comprehensive electronic agenda and board meeting solutions.

Agenda Management

AgendaCloud automates your board meeting agendas; it simplifies the agenda items creation and approval process. It also provides agendas and minutes packets creation for public distribution. It eliminates the time consuming manual tasks; such as, serving the stakeholders and/or public needs.

Approval Workflow

AgendaCloud comes with a complete agenda approval workflow engine. You can have a predefined approval path template. Based on the approval path assigned to the agenda item, the workflow engine will route the task to the appropriate department. Notification is sent when an item is being created, approved, rejected, or needs more information.

Live Voting

AgendaCloud’s Meeting Room module allows you to run the entire meeting from one spot; it simplifies the voting process, and provides the utmost transparency. This Meeting Room module also lets your board members access meetings online and vote. Additionally, the Board Assistant can take attendance and initiate the vote electronically.

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes can now easily be created, managed, and finalized. This all can be done prior to, during, and after the meeting. With AgendaCloud, these minutes will be generated automatically when publishing for public usage. They can be downloaded to your local drive, and published in PDF or HTML format.

AgendaCloud Workflow


How it Works

The process starts with the organization’s staff members feeding sufficient information for an agenda which needs to be discussed in a meeting. Then Board members vote on each agenda item of an agenda. Any agenda item up for discussion needs to be approved at different levels of the organization. AgendaCloud provides a comprehensive platform to automate the approval workflow.

Approved Item

Item Authors add proposed items to the agenda that are then routed through customized approval paths.

Agenda Issued to the Board

Once the individual items have been approved and the agenda issued to the board, Board Members have the flexibility of adding their own personal and private notes and talking points to the agenda as they prepare for the meeting.

Access to the Agenda During the Meeting

During the meeting, your Board Members will have access to the agenda, their notes, and any important attachments. As the meeting progresses, Board Members can add additional notes and follow-up items.

Make Real-time Changes, Annotations, Votes, and Record Action Items

In addition, AgendaCloud enables the Board Assistant to make real-time agenda changes, open and tabulate boards’ votes, and record action items.

Complete the Meeting

Once the meeting has been completed and the final minutes recorded, all of the public meeting information is available to publish and archive for future reference.

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