Who is AgendaCloud for?

  • School Boards
  • Boards of County Commissioners
  • Local and State Governments
  • Municipal Governments
  • Cities and Towns
  • Higher Education (Colleges and Universities)
  • Businesses
  • Home Owners' Associations (HOAs) and CDDs
  • Non-profit Organizations

What are the hardware and software requirements?

  • Hardware Requirements
    • PC - Windows 7 or later versions
    • Mac - OS X 10.6 or later
  • Supported browsers
    • Internet Explorer 9 or later
    • Firefox 15 or later
    • Google Chrome 23 or later
    • Safari 5 or later

When should I use AgendaCloud?

  • It simplifies your creation and submition of agenda items
  • Great for board meetings where live voting is required
  • Great for face-to-face, online or remote meetings
  • Use it as a collaboration tool
  • Agenda Item live voting and minutes creation
  • It provides tasks assignment and tracking, and much more.

Does AgendaCloud provide accessible support?

  • Yes. We provide top notch support for our customers. Our support team is located in the United States and is available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m. (EST). Contact our team by phone or e-mail
  • Our team also offers one-on-one online training for our customers

How can AgendaCloud help me and my organization?

  • Using meeting templates saves you time
  • Copying agendas, items, and attachments from existing ones makes life easier
  • Provides agendas and meeting minutes for publishing
  • Provides audit trail history of the vote, and other action items.

Does AgendaCloud provide approval workflows?

  • Yes, both Professional and Enterprise Packages provide approval workflows
  • It provides e-mail notifications of workflow progress
  • It allows simple one level approvals, multi-levels approvals, and complex approvals.

Can the meeting agenda be customized?

Yes, AgendaCloud uses templates to create the agenda appearance; you can add to and remove categories and subcategories from the template, and reuse it again for different meetings. You can select your preferred fonts and standard agenda verbiage to personalize the templates for your board.

Can previous agendas in the system be copied or imported to a new meeting?

Yes. You can copy or move the entire agenda. You can also control which items and attachments you wish to import from any previous agenda that has been entered into the AgendaCloud system.

Can last-minute changes be made to the agenda?

Yes. AgendaCloud allows last-minute agenda changes and corrections in a simple manner.

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