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AgendaCloud for County Commissioners

AgendaCloud for County Commissioners Meetings

Forget about all the stacks of paper and endless copying that goes along with county commissioner's meetings. Use AgendaCloud's board meeting management solution for county commissioner's meetings not only to simplify the process of managing your meetings and save time, but for effortless collaboration. Easily keep track of agenda item supporting documents and attachments, commissioner's meeting agendas, notes and minutes with this revolutionary software.

  • Full-Featured Web Based Design
  • Agenda Management
  • Approval Workflow
  • Electronic Voting
  • Meeting Minutes

AgendaCloud for County Commissioners

Full-Featured Web Based Design

AgendaCloud's agenda management solutions are designed to work with the newest web technology. Whether you prefer Firefox, Chrome or other browser, you can take your pick because the software is designed to work with all major browsers allowing you access to the features and benefits of your preferred browser.

Agenda Management

This user-friendly software will allow you to easily create and submit agenda items for your commissioner's meetings. AgendaCloud's paperless board meeting management software allows you to add electronic attachments to each agenda item. Agenda items can be reviewed, rejected or revised prior to commissioner's meetings. Agendas can be reviewed, revised and distributed electronically. The software also allows users to review and annotate agenda items for future reference while preparing for your county commissioner's meeting.

Approval Workflow

AgendaCloud workflow enables you to conveniently streamline the approval process, agenda items routing and email notifications for your county commissioner's meetings. Use a template with a predefined approval path. Once the approval path has been assigned to the agenda item, the workflow engine will route the task to the appropriate department. Receive notifications when an item is being created, approved, rejected or needs more information.

Electronic Voting

AgendaCloud's powerful and fully-integrated electronic voting solution allows the board assistant to vote on behalf of board members and tally board member votes from any device. Accuracy and transparency is achieved when voting is closed and the voting results are displayed and automatically entered into the minute's module. The system also allows you to cancel votes and re-vote and displays voting results in real-time.

Meeting Minutes

You can now add meeting minutes to items and actions during the meeting. Minutes can be edited, managed and finalized after your county commissioner's meeting. Some of the minute can be added to items prior to the meeting. AgendaCloud's agenda management solution compiles meeting minutes automatically when publishing for public use. Conveniently publish meeting minutes in PDF or HTML format. You can also preview minutes in real-time.