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AgendaCloud for Higher Education

Higher Education - Building for the Future while Streamlining Operations

Board of Governors

AgendaCloud is an online meeting management and automation system that allows Board of governors of universities and colleges enjoy the benefits of automation, innovative digital technology, seamless processes, and increased efficiency of meetings.

With the rise in technology, the creators of AgendaCloud wanted to provide something to Board Governors that made meetings and agendas go digital, hence paving way for improved processes and reduced costs. One of the most costly element of meetings is paper: agenda packets, supporting documents, printed sheets, and labor are all high-ranging in meeting. Cases where the board of governors need agenda minutes packets and agendas for public distribution, AgendaCloud works best at ensuring overall satisfaction of all stakeholders. The saved resources can then be implemented on vital aspects like decision making, accumulating of information, and better meeting administration.

AgendaCloud for Higher Education

Foundation Boards

AgendaCloud can be used by multiple boards and committees in one organization. Other than the Board of Governors, the majority of universities and colleges have Foundation Boards. If your Foundation Board works like a majority of foundations, you’re likely working toward establishing grants and managing investments, in addition to overseeing internal and independent audits. This requires board members to be proactive about the decisions they make. AgendaCloud facilitates agenda creation and the provision of minute packets for general distribution. Through the distribution, time-consuming manual tasks like serving the stakeholders and public needs can be leveraged. This system will help your foundation board take charge with agenda and board meeting management solution to keep your foundation in control and on the right track.