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AgendaCloud for Higher Education

AgendaCloud for Corporations

AgendaCloud is great for simplifying the entire agenda packets and meeting process. Staff can easily access all board and committee documents in a centralized location. The agenda item’s approval workflows are streamlined. AgendaCloud promotes cross communication among departments that allows for collaboration while at the same time establishing meaningful connections with citizens. The ultimate benefit is that decision-makers are more informed which means the public is more informed. The result is a process that produces a happier organization.

With AgendaCloud, on-the-go directors will have more than online board meeting software at their fingertips. The system allows them to stay current and be able to keep up with committee meeting and materials, and will help them with their communication with team members. The system allows them to annotate documents in tandem with other users and get notifications for updates. The board directors will easily find information from one central location.

AgendaCloud for Higher Education

Task Management

AgendaCloud purpose to improvise the agendas for your board meetings. It facilitates the creation of agenda items as well as their approval process. The system allows you to create, manage, and assign tasks. It allows you to keep track of tasks that will increase productivity.

You can streamline all meeting processes and save time when you eliminate unnecessary and duplicative processes. Meetings will be organized, convenient and collaborative. Communicate better, accomplish more, and increase profitability with AgendaCloud. You will not be disappointed with this paperless board meeting solution and your board members will thank you. Make the most of your board of directors meetings and start using AgendaCloud today.